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Commercial and Civil Litigation

West Huntley Gregory is dedicated to providing our litigation clients with superior legal services on a timely, effective and cost-efficient basis, while maintaining the highest standards of skill and professionalism. We vigorously advocate our clients’ interests, and we work hard to pursue the most effective path to achieving the best possible result for our clients.

We litigate in all levels of the Colorado and federal court systems, and in a broad spectrum of areas, including commercial and business disputes; real estate disputes; personal injury; bad faith insurance claims; residential and commercial construction matters; mechanic’s lien enforcement and defense; homeowners association and landlord-tenant disputes; insurance defense; land use, zoning and development matters; collection and foreclosure; and probate matters. We practice throughout the Rocky Mountain region, including the Front Range, and have experience in handling local disputes and in competing directly against the largest firms in Colorado.

We are aware that, in many cases, the traditional litigation process culminating in a trial is an important and appropriate means of resolving disputes. In other cases, alternative dispute resolution procedures, including negotiation, mediation and arbitration may bring better results more quickly and at less expense to the client. Our litigation attorneys are equally as adept and experienced in these forums as they are in the courtroom.