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Criminal Defense Law

West Huntley Gregory represents clients in a variety of criminal matters and juvenile delinquency proceedings. Many individuals charged with criminal offenses are new to the criminal justice system or lack familiarity with criminal procedure. Our attorneys utilize their extensive knowledge and experience to ensure that our clients fully understand their rights and the charges against them. Our attorneys assist clients in handling all facets of the criminal case, from the filing of charges through trial or plea agreement, including consultation regarding the facts of the case, the charges, the prosecution’s burden of proof, potential plea offers and the procedures they should expect going forward. Many of our clients understand that a fair plea agreement is in their best interest and we provide the guidance needed to negotiate with the prosecution and achieve the desired outcome. Other clients are faced with circumstances in which they cannot and will not accept any outcome other than an acquittal and must pursue a trial in order to achieve justice. Whatever path the case takes, our attorneys provide the expertise necessary to protect our clients’ rights.