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Real Estate and Land Use

West Huntley Gregory represents clients in all aspects of real estate related activities. Our experience and specialized local knowledge allow us to provide a unique level of expertise to individuals and entities in need of a real estate firm serving the central Rockies. Specifically, we help clients with the following:

  • Residential, commercial, and vacant land acquisitions and sales, including contract negotiation and preparation, title review, due diligence, document review and closings.
  • Commercial and residential leases, and landlord/tenant disputes, including negotiating and preparing all forms of leases, and assist in resolving both common and uncommon lease issues and disputes.
  • Land use and zoning. We represent property owners, developers and builders in all facets of land use, zoning, annexation, development, entitlements and permitting.
  • Condominium and planned community governing documents, such as assisting developers in the preparation of project governing documents.
  • Easements and license agreements. We prepare easements and license agreements for, and resolve disputes pertaining to, access, utilities, encroachments, open space, trash enclosures, drainage, and a myriad of other issues. These agreements can be complicated and normally impact the value and usefulness of real property in perpetuity.
  • Title examination and title insurance issues. Most buyers fail to recognize the significance of recorded instruments pertaining to the property they are purchasing. We can review these documents, explain their purpose and impact, and assist the client in insuring that only those instruments which should continue to encumber their property are reflected on the title insurance policy issued following closing.
  • Public Trustee and judicial foreclosures. Foreclosures of real property are complex actions, involving rights of cure and redemption for owners and lien holders. We represent property owners, lenders and other lien holders in enforcing, preserving and protecting their rights in these complicated transactions.
  • Loan negotiation and documentation. We represent lenders and borrowers in the negotiation and preparation of loan documents where real property is given as security for the repayment of such loans.
  • Quiet title actions. Quiet title actions are sometimes needed in order to clarify legal title to real property, including the resolution of boundary and other disputes.
  • Property assessment disputes and appeals. We assist clients in contesting and appealing real property values established by the County Assessor. Lowering the value of a property through this process results in lower real property taxes for the property owner.